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Barking Up The 'Right' Tree

There's something about the topic of pets that has universal impact for retailers.

Here's how I put it in my latest published column for Drug Store News:

"Pet is now more than a category. It’s a topic that connects to consumers so viscerally that its power has gone well beyond the pet aisle. It holds the key to customer engagement across the store."

My point is that pet is about far more than pet product sales. Even retailers that don't sell a lot of pet items can connect with customers around their pets.

In my column, I cite the example of one retailer whose e-commerce delivery drivers bring dog biscuits on trips to make friends with the family dog. Other retailers sell pet Halloween costumes because they realize that dressing up pets is now a passion of pet owners.

What are the most popular dog and cat costumes? Pumpkins, hot dogs and bumble bees.

Embracing this pet passion, as I note in my column, "can attract positive tail wags from pet-loving customers."

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