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It's Great Brand Design, But Is It Art?

Can brand packaging design be displayed as high art?

The answer is definitely yes.

That's what happened recently at a New York City gallery "pop-up exhibit."

The best examples of private brand design were honored by My Private Brand, which presented its annual Vertex Awards. Retailers awarded at the gala included, Hy-Vee, FreshDirect, Fairway Market, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The winning entries were displayed at the gallery in photos by an acclaimed photographer.

You can read more and view photos in my article about the event.

There are numerous examples of stellar award programs in the food, retail and CPG industries.

The best such programs recognize achievements in a way that motivates others to step up.

This is especially important in brand and product design, which is more closely scrutinized today by a new generation of consumers.

Congratulations to the winners, and to My Private Brand for understanding what it takes to help motivate organizations to outperform.

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