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Three Signs of Further Industry Disruption

If you’re someone who likes change, you’ll love the latest directions of the food and retail industries. In recent months disruption has been upending the traditional ways we view this business. Here are a few examples:

1. Pure-play online retailers are now eyeing physical stores. Amazon reportedly hopes to open up 2,000 grocery stores in the next 10 years, which would represent a huge increase in industry competition

2. Food labels are increasingly relaying what’s NOT in the package as ‘free-from’ strategies move into higher gear. Consider the recent launch of the Wholesome Pantry line from Wakefern Food Corp that invites consumers to check out 110 artificial ingredients they won't find in the products.

3. Beauty is increasingly in the eye of beholder when it comes to produce. Food retailers including Raley’s are unveiling 'ugly' or 'misfit' produce programs to reduce food waste, a strategy that differs markedly from traditional ways of selling produce.

My interpretation is that transformation will remain the industry norm for the foreseeable future. How organizations react to sweeping change needs to include expert strategy and communications. This will help drive positive receptions with consumers and trading partners.

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